Prayers for Humanity Acorn Basket

The acorn is a symbol of life and growth. Everything is connected, represented by
the spiral weave. The turtle on the inside of the cover is in Honor of Mother Earth.
The prayer braid is 4 circles representing the North, East, South, and West. Up,
Down, around, and Back + Forward.
I pray for world peace, for a world full of compassion and tolerance. A world where all
of the children love and encourage each other.
I visualize the human race enjoying themselves, doing the creative things that make
them fulfilled.
As I pray, I breathe deep and long intending a moment of peace and contentment to
all of my brothers and sisters of the Earth.
As I smudge, I imagine the smoke going up, up ,up and out to the whole world and
those in need of a prayer.
As I practice the healing art of Qi-gong, I visualize a world of health, strong, bright,
and full of laughter and love!
As I walk, I take notice of all the beauty my eyes see, all the scents my nose smell,
all of the elements my skin feels, all of the sounds my ears hear! And I give thanks
for being alive, For being aware, For knowing LOVE!
As I write this I can feel my little spirit grow stronger. ‘Cause you see-life is a spiral.
What goes out comes back. The more I feel, the more alive I am. The more I give,
the more I get. The more I understand about being in the moment, the more
beautiful everyone and everything IS!
I am calm and relaxed, right now... My being is here to learn how to spread love. My
challenges are many, as I experience I gain insight.
Peace be with you!
Pam outdusis Cunningham
Each of these Prayers for
Humanity Acorn Baskets
have been made with
prayers  and intention for
peace and love and has
been smudged with
sweetgrass using my eagle
feather. Story included with
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Penobscot Fancy Baskets  Hand Crafted from Brown Ash and Sweetgrass
by Pam outdusis Cunningham